Time for a correction in Campbell

At the Jan. 3 meeting of the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, four board members passed another meals tax referendum, claiming they simply wanted to hear the voice of the voters. Several things challenge the sincerity of that claim as well as their fiscal understanding and stewardship:

» The board action above was during a holiday period where citizen turnout is always low.

» Voters have twice before said no to a meals tax. Why is “no” not an answer?

» The public referendum was in April.

» The county audit shows the county is in very good fiscal shape.

» The special election cost taxpayers an extra $20,000.

If the voice of the people was really wanted, the referendum vote would have been on Election Day in November instead of in April where, as The News & Advance numbers show, only 16 percent of eligible voters voted.

While there seems no end to “good” things government can do, the fact is the more we concentrate power in the government, the more corruption we get. Pretending a vote in April is to get accurate voter feedback is just not honest.

Matt Cline gives Concord District voters a means to exercise our responsibility to steer the board back toward honest and healthy governing. He understands every dollar taxed takes options away from citizens and their families. He understands that the primary responsibility of those we elect is to protect citizens’ rights and property, not to empower government.

See the Jan. 3 meeting minutes (http://www.co.campbell.va.us/AgendaCenter) for how your member voted.



Trump guilty of war crimes

We need to arrest Donald J. Trump and turn him over to the World Court for war crimes against sovereign nations and peoples and natural elements of the world, including against the United States of America.

“Unprecedented” has become synonymous with “destructive” and “inhumane.” The world is learning that it is synonymous with “evil” and “corrupt.” And, increasingly, it has the face of the United States of America because of this president we elected three years ago and his administration.

You may not agree with all I am saying, but you and I are responsible for how long this goes on!

Show up! Stand up! Speak up!



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