Just fear mongering in Amherst

I am writing this letter out of a sense of frustration regarding the Amherst County residents who attended the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday.

They were at the meeting to support the board declaring Amherst a Second Amendment sanctuary county. According to The News & Advance, my fellow Amherst County residents felt it was their patriotic duty to protect their gun rights from the recently elected Democratic General Assembly and Ralph Northam, the Democratic governor.


Didn’t we do this dance when President Obama was elected? How many guns did his administration take way from law-abiding citizens? And what about protecting the rights of little kids to attend safe schools, churches and synagogues and not be shot by a mentally ill person with an AR 15? There are so many beneficial issues we can band together to support. This red herring isn’t one of them.

My husband is a hunter and fills our freezer with venison every fall. We have secured guns in our home, but we both support common-sense gun reform in Virginia. Declaring a non-binding sanctuary county in Amherst (or Appomattox or Franklin counties) does nothing to begin the dialog on preventing gun violence that is rampant in this country.



A balanced climate approach

With our new Democratic legislature, it is certainly a new day in Virginia. And while I am excited to hear the governor and his party want to act quickly to address climate change (“Democratic Surge Puts Climate Change On The Agenda In Virginia,” Nov. 7), I hope they will continue to do so in a balanced way that ensures consumer energy affordability.

Natural gas offers policymakers that opportunity. Not only is this resource one of the cheapest forms of energy, it has helped our country end its addiction to coal. Because of natural gas, for example, the United States has reduced its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions faster than any country in the world. In fact, our CO2 emissions are near the lowest point they have been in almost a quarter of a century.

As your Nov. 7 article said, state lawmakers need to take real action to protect our coastal communities. I believe that natural gas is an important, practical step along the way as we transition from coal and oil, which present significant threats to clean air and clean water. I’m excited to see how the state legislature proceeds.



The Ardmore raceway

Evidently, I didn’t receive the notification that Ardmore Drive in the Blue Ridge Farms area had been designated as a “raceway”; drivers routinely exceed the posted speed limit. To my and my neighbors’ frustration, it has turned into a safety issue for the pedestrians, joggers and people exiting their driveways.

I believe some action should be put in place to prevent some sort of tragedy. Maybe my concerns will not fall on deaf ears.



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