Two views on election outcome

‘Real’ Virginians left in the cold

It was sad to see after the elections that Northern Virginia now controls the whole state.

Speaker-designee Eileen Filler-Corn stated in Sunday’s edition of The News & Advance that she was, “looking forward to continuing to stand up for issues and values that are so important to Virginians.” Well, if you look at the maps of election results, only heavy populated areas like Northern Virginia, Norfolk/Newport News and Charlottesville were blue.

So, around 75 percent of the land mass of the state doesn’t have their issues and values addressed. Those through areas (which probably do not contain many native Virginians) are not representative of the whole state of Virginia. They very much represent the DC/Maryland mindset.

I wish Virginia would hold elections with an electoral college so the populated areas would not control the whole state just as our forefathers feared would happen on a national scale.



Sanity returning to Richmond

An observation on the Nov. 5 election: Thank the Lord there are citizens of the United States and residents of Virginia who haven’t sold their soul to a charlatan.

Be proud!

We may finally see some action taken on issues that everyday, hardworking Virginians care about like global warming, medical care and sensible gun control.



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