Writers on the Bedford sheriff race

Robey more than qualified

Born and raised in Bedford County. Served his country and his county. Left for expanded experience, training and education. Candidate for sheriff.

Kent Robey? Yes, but I was speaking of Mike Brown. I find it ironic that one of the candidates for the Republican nomination has made it an issue in the campaign that he is the only one who has stayed in the county while other candidates were getting experience and training elsewhere. He holds up Sheriff Brown as his mentor and friend, but then tries to say Robey is not a worthy candidate when he followed the exact path as Sheriff Brown.

I urge you to review the résumé of the candidates as if you were interviewing them for a job, because you are when you cast your vote June 11 in the Republican primary. I believe if you do, then Kent Robey will be the clear choice.



Miller knows the job

I read with bewilderment a post on one of the Bedford County sheriff candidate’s Facebook page that stated if he is elected sheriff, he will be committed to providing a law enforcement presence in all private schools in Bedford County. While this is a great idea, I have two concerns about that promise.

First, doing so would use county taxpayers’ money to provide private schools with security. Secondly, although Sheriff Mike Brown has asked the Bedford County Board of Supervisors to fund additional school resource officers in our county’s public elementary schools, they have elected, on several occasions, not to fund these positions. So, good luck in getting the Board of Supervisors to fund private schools with security… the odds are better playing the lottery!

After carefully reviewing the backgrounds of the candidates for sheriff, I am supporting Mike Miller. Capt. Miller has led several major homicide investigations, including the MS13 gang murder of the young man from Lynchburg and the murder case of the Lyons sisters. Due to the professional and thorough investigations, both cases resulted in convictions. These are only two of the reasons I have decided to support Miller and cast my vote for him in the June 11 Republican primary.



Miller cares for the county

I usually stay quiet about my political views, but I felt compelled to share my endorsement of Capt. Mike Miller for Bedford County sheriff. Our lives have followed parallel paths, and it is through this interaction that I share my knowledge of him and why I believe he is the perfect candidate to fulfill the role as the Sheriff of Bedford County.

He and I grew up together. We started school at Bedford Elementary and later graduated from Liberty High School. In our early 20s, we again crossed paths when we were both employed at grocery store in Forest. Then there were several years when both of us were starting families that we had little contact other than running into each other around town. By the time my children started school, he was already working with the sheriff’s department, and we connected with the DARE program which helps student make safe and healthy decisions meant to protect our children from drugs, gangs and other dangerous behaviors. His concern for the children of Bedford County was clearly evident. Then after years at home with my children, I started a career as a teacher for the Bedford County School System. It was here that I truly got to interact with him on issues concerning school safety. On several occasions, he took the lead role as his team practiced safety lockdown drills. The focus was on how to prepare the sheriff’s department, school staff and students should a horror like Columbine hit one of our schools.

Miller and his team continue to refine their methods on the best ways to keep students and school staff safe. Since that time, he has also been instrumental in formulating and working with such programs as Safe Surfing and Crimes Against Children. As a special educator, I am excited to see the Growth Through Opportunity (GTO) program that he brought to Bedford County. This program provides job training to young adults with disabilities. Again, his love, compassion and concerns for the children of Bedford County is quite evident. On a personal level, I know him to be a respectful and caring man who wants the best for all the residents of Bedford County. He doesn’t judge others, but simply wants the best for them. These are just a few of the reasons that I back him for sheriff in the June 11 Republican primary.



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