Health bill's secrecy is troubling

Even casual observers of American politics will recall that the House of Representatives narrowly passed the American Health Care Act in May, and most understand that the U.S. Senate must make the next move. An ad-hoc Senate panel reportedly started from scratch with its own health care bill. But what is in it? Only a few people know, and they are not telling us. A select group of senators is writing the legislation in secret.

We can reasonably surmise that whatever is in the Senate bill, it will have sweeping implications for the American public. But because the bill is a secret, we have no way of knowing what the implications are. We deserve better service than that from our politicians. The health of the American people is too important to be dictated by a small group of Senators working behind closed doors. Show us the bill!



The road to recovery

In April, The News & Advance included a great special section about cancer. One aspect helpful to the public was the inclusion of many services available to patients while going through this illness; however, one program was missing.

The American Cancer Society has had a national program for decades, called Reach-to-Recovery. It is comprised of a group of volunteers who are survivors of breast cancer. The program’s goal is to be helpful to new breast cancer patients who need encouragement and helpful advice and to answer questions that only survivors can understand.

Currently, there are 12 women in our area who are trained to be one-on-one supporters of these new patients. When a breast cancer patient calls the toll-free number, 1-(800)-227-2345, the message will get to me, as coordinator. I then select a volunteer who would be the best match for the patient, according to type of surgery or treatment choice. The volunteer then contacts the patient as soon as possible.

This self-referral service is free and confidential!

We who “have been there” want to help others who are going through now. Thanks to The News & Advance, for passing this along.


Lynchburg Area Coordinator


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