Florida Avenue sidewalk needed

The much-needed Florida Avenue sidewalk should have been built many years ago.

As Mayor Treney Tweedy said “it is not a sidewalk to nowhere, it is a sidewalk to everywhere on that side of town … providing a safe walking opportunity for those people going to work, church or downtown, that public safety infrastructure investment is worth it.”

It is needed by many people, unlike us privileged citizens who have vehicles to go wherever we want. People in need of the sidewalk use their legs/feet for their transportation.

I encourage Councilmen Turner Perrow and Jeff Helgeson who voted against the sidewalk to drive down Florida Avenue and imagine how it would be to walk to work every day.

(There is also a need for a sidewalk on the east side of Otey Street as people walk down Florida Avenue, up Augusta Street, then Otey to get to Campbell Avenue.)

I remember when the pedestrian bridge over Wards Road was built. I think the city was to pay $1.5 million while Liberty University was to pay $500,000. I have only seen a few students on it since built years ago. The city erected fences in the median and shrubs on each side to discourage students from continuing to cross Wards Road on foot.

Can we be compassionate and empathic as we attempt to serve all the city’s residents and “do unto them as we would have them do unto us”?



Perspective and the right to vote

Whose womb is it, anyway?

I invite men who have been raped, gotten pregnant, carried a child to term, given birth (vaginally or by C-section) and/or suffered a miscarriage to discuss and vote (with paper ballots) on all issues pertaining to rape, pregnancy, childbirth and/or pregnancy termination.

I invite all women to discuss and vote (with paper ballots) on the same issues.

We will take as much time as we need to count votes ... and go from there.



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