Was there nothing more newsy?

Is the article, “Red Hen incident had little effect in tourism,” really an article for the front page of the June 22 issue of The News & Advance?

As someone in the hospitality industry all of my life, I find it unbelievable that any restaurant would be so inhospitable. And, as a Virginian, I was embarrassed. I understand that the people in Lexington are concerned about how the whole situation affected the Lexington area.

The News & Advance could have found something important to Lynchburg, especially to put in the front page.



Why I voted for Trump

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump’s personal life or gruff demeanor. I voted for a guy who drains The Swamp and who hates the poison of politics as much as the most of us.

I voted for a guy who doesn’t take any crap from the do-nothing Democrats and the corrupt media, and then fires back twice as hard.

I voted for a guy who gets things done ... i.e., record low unemployment, lower taxes, higher wages and more jobs.

I voted for an imperfect man who is perfect for the job, and I’ll do it again in 2020.

In 2016, the motto was “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). In 2020, the rallying cry will be “Keep America Great” (KAG). In 2024, I wonder what Trump’s third-term slogan will be?




Dave Hofmann submitted the June 25 letter, “More guns will make us oh-so safer.” His name was misspelled in the print edition of The News & Advance.

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