Trump the most maligned of all

For the past 2-1/2 years I have watched President Trump endure the most withering 24/7 attacks on any president. It is sad that our young people have to see the attacks on the media everyday.

Calls for impeachment of Trump were made before he spent day one as president. The left side of the political spectrum has mocked President Trump, protested against him and mocked and denigrated his family, his administration and his supporters. The respect for President Trump with these folks is at zero. They criticize literally everything that he does in the name of The Resistance and ignore what he has done that is good.

It seems like an elusive fact to the anti-Trump crowd that more than 60 million people voted for President Trump. Is it possible that about one half of the voters are uneducated “rubes and goobers” who aren’t smart enough to come in out of the rain?

I and tens upon tens of millions of others voted for Trump because we were fed up with establishment politics that did nothing. John McCain and Mitt Romney were disappointing wallflowers who quietly went on to defeat, and America voted for Barack Obama who looked more comfortable as a preacher or professor than as a leader of the free world. We wanted to shake the American political world up and refocus our government on getting things done and putting America first. Trump moved into the White House and our country began to shake.

I have given up trying to discuss this situation with anti-Trumpers, as their minds are made up and set in stone. They hate Donald Trump with a passion that gives way to looking the other way when Antifa and other leftists attack physically Trump supporters and conservatives. They look the other way when Rep. Maxine Waters advocates for getting in the faces of Trump supporters and members of his administration. They think that it’s OK to harass people looking for a quiet dinner at a restaurant, spitting on one of Trump’s sons in a restaurant, being a part of The Resistance with a hatred that is stronger than their hatred of terrorists. They approve of illegal sanctuary cities and support illegal aliens more than they do American citizens. And this is only a tip of the iceberg.

Trump is no saint, and we all knew it from the beginning. But does that give people the right to support illegal acts and pure hatred for a political resistance? If so, our future is looking very dark and tumultuous. Many folks forget that when President Clinton was under investigation and impeachment, his supporters blithely dismissed what he did wrong because it was “just about sex.” They forgave Clinton for his indiscretions and for lying under oath. Yet now, they have become the new “moral majority.” Trump put it well when he said recently that Hillary Clinton deleted 30,000 subpoenaed e-mails and the Democrats looked the other way, but if he had deleted an email that was a love letter to his wife, it would be the electric chair for him.

I am afraid that the division between the two parties has reached critical mass. Just being part of The Resistance does not make one educated, moral, or just plain right. When we lose sight of that fact, we are in for rough sailing in the future. When it is okay to kneel in protest during the national anthem, we have a problem. For the sake of the United States, we need to resolve our differences and bring sanity back into politics.



Thanks from Lyrics on the Lake

On behalf of Lyrics on the Lake and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, we would like to publicly thank all the sponsors, venues, host families, songwriters, volunteers and especially the attendees and the communities in Franklin, Bedford, Roanoke, Campbell and surrounding counties for all their hard work and generosity in making the 2019 Songwriters Festival so successful.

Thanks are also due to all the media outlets who helped raise awareness of this charity event. Without the help and cooperation of all those involved, we would never be able to bring this event to our area.

The Smith Mountain Lake community works hard each year to bring these talented songwriters to the area, not only for quality entertainment, but also to raise funds to benefit our community’s children who need critical hospital care, through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in Roanoke and Lynchburg. We are grateful for your hard work, dedication and generosity, and look forward to next year’s festival.


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