Hold the line on guns, council

I own two hand guns and a rifle. I have never had the need to shoot anyone and one chance out of 10 million, I will never need to. In my family, there was a suicide, and I know of several others that could have been prevented had sensible precautions been taken.

On Jan. 14, Lynchburg City Council will witness a circus, so I won’t be there to listen to the big commotion over what will amount to nothing legally. Martha Cousin’s Dec. 13 letter to the editor pointed out the common-sense proposed legislation by our governor: (1) background checks; (2) banning of assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and silencers; (3) one hand gun purchase within 30 days; (4) report lost or stolen firearms; (5) extreme-risk protective orders; and (6) punishment for allowing access to unsecured firearm by a child. Are there any non-sensible proposals here? No.

Even guns in highly trained military and law enforcement hands often make terrible firing errors as witnessed recently in our own city and many times over nationally. How will a novice react in an emergency?

The most despicable organization in the country, the National Rifle Association, along with its little brother, Gun Owners of America, would like you to believe that any law passed in order to save lives will be a step towards “Taking My Gun Away.” This will only happen when the Second Amendment to our Constitution is overturned. This will never happen, and the NRA knows it.

The recent trend in declarations of “sanctuaries” is nothing more than bait for the puppets of the gun manufacturers and gun lobbyists to make gun owners believe what will never happen. So anyone who disagrees with the above-mentioned proposals, by default, means that they care little about the deaths and maiming of the innocent.

I strongly urge all council members to reject this “Sanctuary City” proposal and vote for saving lives, not destroying them.



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