Why the craziness about Bernie?

So much energy, so much hoopla about Bernie Sanders.

OK, and for what? Just suppose he’s elected president, where will his socialist plans go? Remember that a president may propose, but Congress will ultimately dispose. Medicare for all will likely be dead on arrival. Free college tuition will follow suit. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal will be laughed at in congressional committees, if it gets that far.

Wow, folks, so go ahead and vote for a socialist platform headed for good-old Bernie; vote for a socialist lunatic who has not a clue what the socialist panacea he’s offering if elected.

And while I’m talking about Democratic candidates, may I make just an observation? Sen. Elizabeth Warren is always draped in a cardigan over a black top and pants. OK, we used to make fun about Hillary Clinton always wearing pant suits, right? Well, how come no one seems to wonder why Warren always shows up with the same wardrobe, albeit a different colored cardigan? Not to come across as sexist, but it would be a pleasant sight if Warren understands that some of us wonder, if elected president, what her dress attire will be the same when having her presidential gala inaugural, when having a state dinner at the White House, when addressing the United Nations or giving the State of the Union to Congress? Just wondering.



Faraldi in Ward IV

The election for Lynchburg City Council will be Tuesday, May 5. I live in Ward IV and will be casting my vote for Republican Chris Faraldi. He is the only candidate in this race who has the education and experience needed to return Lynchburg city government to fiscal sanity and economic prosperity.

Faraldi earned his master of arts degree in executive leadership from Liberty University. He went on to work for a number of political leaders including Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Rep. Tom Garrett, State Sen. Mark Peake and Del. Wendell Walker. In addition, he gained valuable experience working for the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance as a legislative specialist focusing on issues impacting our local business community. He also successfully brought in millions of dollars for transportation projects in the city including the U.S. 221/501 interchange.

Faraldi does not require any on-the-job training. He is ready to put his experience to work for the residents of Lynchburg starting on day one. He has made financial accountability, continued economic development and a strong commitment to public safety top priorities of his campaign.

He has been endorsed by outgoing Ward IV City Councilman, Turner Perrow, as well as a number of local political and business leaders. I urge voters in Ward IV to elect Chris Faraldi on May 5.



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