Obey the law or vote for change

The idea of sanctuary cities for immigrants came about where there exists a tension between federal law and local law.

No such tension exists in Virginia regarding the Second Amendment.

To decide to break state law, if passed, would be unethical, illegal and un-American.

Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposed gun regulations serve to protect all residents of Virginia without intruding on Second Amendment rights. The Second Amendment does not guarantee anyone can obtain an arsenal overnight; it guarantees a “well regulated militia.” This is nowhere in the argument.

Our children should not have to behave like war victims in school; our teachers should be able to teach, not stand guard; and our schools should not be fortresses.

And Virginians should obey the laws of the state or vote to change them. Please let the process work, or we do become lawless.



Suspicion isn’t evidence

The Democrats and their allies in the legacy media have moved the impeachment goalposts a great distance, and the Republicans have unwisely let them.

The Dems are claiming if it seems more likely than not that President Trump was coercing Ukraine to announce an investigation into some highly suspicious 2016 activity between powerful Democrats and powerful Ukrainians, namely, collusion and bribery, then Trump is guilty of a “high crime” and must be removed from office.

But that claim is absurd. The American people would obviously have a vital stake in the outcome of such an investigation. The integrity of a past and future presidential election would be at stake, not just President Trump’s personal political fortunes.

So, no, contra the Dems’ self-serving propaganda, to demand an investigation into one’s political rivals is not ipso facto a “high crime.” No one gets a “Cannot Be Investigated Criminally” card simply because they are running for county sheriff. The only way a “high crime” could possibly exist is if Trump had demanded the Ukrainians frame his Democrat rivals criminally, and no evidence at all exists to support that wild-eyed theory.

Sorry, but suspicion is not evidence. Case dismissed.



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