Children aren't political pawns

Regardless of which side of immigration and possible reforms you support or oppose, there is one part of the current approach to removing those who have broken the immigration laws that all people of all religions should be able to agree on. Leaving elementary-school-age children to fend for themselves is cruel and heartless and is not a value that should be expected in the United States. The Christian Bible (Matthew 19:14, ESV) says β€œLet the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” The Bible does not say bring them and imprison them anywhere I can find.

We as a people cannot allow children to be maltreated and traumatized by immigration practices. The U.S. authorities could have numerous reasons for this behavior; here are some possibilities:

(1) There was no plan in place to shelter the children from harm, at least some of whom were probably citizens even if their parent or guardian is not. Poor action on the part of government agents.

(2) They are too ignorant of the harm they are causing, and it is inadvertent.

(3) The authorities intended to use the children as part of deliberate policy and did not give one thought to the harm caused.

I suggest that those responsible take a long, hard look in the mirror tomorrow morning as they prepare for another day. If these children were theirs, would they be so willing to proceed as happened in Mississippi? Please, protect the children while the country tries to sort out the changes needed.



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