'Gun control' just 'people control'

I see where one of my old homeboys thinks we need to ban “assault” firearms because they’re just evil and he doesn’t like ‘em or their magazines that hold 20 to 30 rounds.

He does remind us he used to have a gun, I remember he had a nice Fox 12 gauge, double barrel (probably similar to Joe Biden’s firearm of choice).

I’d remind all that if someone spiked the Kool-Aid he’s been drinking and he was to go ape, that those two barrels of his, loaded with good ole “double-ought” buckshot, can blast out 18 lead balls weighing 54 grains each in the time you pull both triggers. While everyone is going “WTH?”, another few rounds get fired. One is sufficient to kill someone who’s not armored up. With no one shooting back, that can go on for a while.

Now rifles of all kinds are not a big component in murders, despite what you hear. In 2017, according to data our government has compiled, about 400 folks were killed with rifles of all kinds. About 1,600 were slain with edged weapons (kitchen knives are popular). More were actually beaten to death than killed with rifles.

So we can save more lives banning knives than one type of firearm. Should we? Nope. We all wish that no one died at the hands of crazies, but ever since one of Adam and Eve’s little boys picked up the first “assault” rock, it sadly is something that is not gonna stop by banning anything in a country of more than 300 million people.

Sure, ban something that is used in a small percent of murders, then later ban the next one on the list and on and on. By the time we reach the bottom of that slippery slope, Doug and like minded folks may allow us to own a single shot musket. (Government, of course, will be exempted, since they are infallible and know what’s good for you.)

This is not about gun control! It’s all about people control. We can remain a free country or give it up for a false sense of security.



Stand up for them all

Thank you for printing Michael Gerson’s column about the brutal and heartbreaking murder of Haynes and Mary Turner and their unborn baby (“The return of America’s cruelest passion,” Aug. 19). It is a powerful reminder of the evils that result when we dehumanize life.

I am also heartbroken over the 50 million to 60 million babies lost to abortion in the last 50 years and found it somewhat heartening and hopeful Gerson recognized the Turners’ unborn baby as one of the victims of this horrendous and despicable act, referring to their unborn baby as an “infant” and again as a “child.”

To my knowledge, at the moment there is only one candidate for president who stands for the rights of the unborn and just born infants and children ... all of them.



We must speak up

There are certain factual truths that the majority of us can agree on. Virginia is for lovers. Love is contagious. Loving and caring people are ethical. In addition to those facts, I can say we must fight for truth.

However, like love, hate is contagious, too. It destroys, and it does not create unity. I will always fight against injustice and hate. When there is mistrust in institutions, cruel treatment of emigrates, sexual abuse behavior, discriminating actions against people of color, political tribalism, financial greed or exploitation, foreign election influence and government corruption — there is evil (this is Trump’s new “Deep State” of loyalty towards himself).

Since Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, Virginians have been people who speak their minds with actions. To be conservative is not bad but to be silent during the above evils is wrong. Supporters and non-supporters of our president need to speak up against the above evils. We can’t encourage evil through our silence or to enable it through our complacency. I don’t care if decency occurs through pressure by the president’s supporters or by replacing the administration. I want decency — it’s ethical and moral.



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