Trump's foes 'encouraging unrest'

This letter is in response to Bob Snell’s Aug. 7 letter to the editor, “Not just Trump,” in The News & Advance.

Snell must be pretty well bent over carrying such a “heavy” weight at the thought that among the almost 63 million individuals who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, it is possible that some of his “friends, neighbors and probably relatives” were among those individuals. Mercy me, what a thought! Poor Mr. Snell — oh the horror of it!

There you have it, folks — three years later and the left still has not recovered from this “ghastly” occurrence. Is it any wonder with all the unbridled animosity that includes calling for his death or impeachment, holding up a bleeding decapitated head and vows to leave this country when and if he wins that we have chaos reigning here?

Did anyone blame Barack Obama for the massacre at Sandy Hook? Did anyone ever blame Obama for anything? I certainly remember Obama blaming all his “problems” on his predecessor, George W. Bush. Get over it, lefties; I don’t recall that “perfection” was part of the criteria to be president of this country — none previous have been.

In spite of all the roadblocks, threats and resistance aimed at him, this president has still managed to get quite a bit done for this country. So many are so busy judging his past actions, supposed racism, supposed inability to run this country, calling him names and insulting his intelligence it sets an extremely bad example for young people.

People like Snell from Forest are actually anathema to this country and its citizens because they can’t accept reality and deal with it like intelligent human beings thereby causing continual unrest.

Don’t blame the president — he is just trying to do his job which by the way, more people in Congress should be doing. President Trump is not encouraging unrest, but his detractors certainly are.



Today’s modern farmers

In the July 30 article about Sweet Briar College’s farmer, Nathan Kluger, college president Meredith Woo made a statement “that when she met Kluger he identified himself as a farmer, but he’s as far from a usual impression of a farmer you might have. He loves the land and what grows on it, but also he is a highly educated person.”

Ms. Woo, the farmers I know are highly educated and are diverse in many different fields, not just the fields they work in. (And I’m a retired dairy farmer and graduate of Virginia Tech.) You need to get outside of your academic world and meet the present generation of farmers. You might be surprised to see how much these farmers know and how much, even you can learn, from these usual farmers.



Trump’s no racist

If I remember correctly, President Trump hasn’t called anyone a racist.

Democrats have called him a racist. And other names.

The hate coming from the Democrats about anything Trump says or does is remarkable coming from supposedly educated people.

When Trump told the four congresswomen to go back to where they came from, he meant the American cities that elected them and that need their “expertise” in solving the problems in these cities.



SCC hasn’t acted

In regard to the Aug. 4 editorial “Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Is it still a viable project?,” there was reference to the fact that “regulators in Virginia have given Dominion permission to recoup much of its costs from its ratepayers ... . “ If referring to the State Corporation Commission which sets the retail rates paid by consumers of electricity, that has not occurred.

The ACP is an interstate pipeline approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If and when the pipeline begins transporting natural gas and should that gas be used by natural gas-fired power plants to generate electricity for Virginians, that is when the SCC will determine if such fuel-related costs are eligible to be recovered from electric ratepayers.


Director, Information Resources

State Corporation Commission

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