Writer: Lynchburg will never be the same

This past weekend, I was invited by my dear friend Rachael Dalton to attend the Grand Gala event at the Academy Center of the Arts where Postmodern Jukebox, one of my favorite bands, was the main attraction.

Prior to my invitation, I just happened to pull up the band’s 2019 tour and saw where they were performing in Lynchburg. To be sure I was reading this correctly, I checked several other social media sites to see if for sure this Postmodern hipster group was playing in your town.

Not truly convinced, I even blasted the word out to my fellow PMJ followers, my text read, “People, am I reading this right PMJ is playing in Lynchburg Virginia?” Several texts started coming back with “no way” and “why” and “you’re crazy.”

But sure enough, everyone doubled checked, and PMJ was playing in Lynchburg. I know that Lynchburg does have concerts of some kind, but PMJ is not your average country or pop band. Their sound is modern songs with a swing twist, so I was not sure how they would be received in your town.

Now it’s been 15 years since I have been to your fair city, and my last memory there was when I was directing a back-to-school fashion show at River Ridge mall. During the show, a mother of one of the student models jumped out of her seat and grabbed her daughter off the runway and said we will not be having any of this “devil music.” I was playing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give It Up.” So if anyone asked me if I had been to Lynchburg, that was the story I told them.

My new story will be much different. I will tell my friends about The Virginian Hotel with its breathtaking décor and roof top bar that was stunning. My story will continue with how trendy and hipster this town has become with apartments and condos being built in the renovated downtown with the new performing arts center, plus all its shops, cafés and restaurants. It’s not at all the mall town I remember. My new story will end with the look of joy from the faces of the attendees of the performance of PMJ and how the restaurant Jimmy’s on the James was jumping after the show and the joy of hearing people talk about the show and how wonderful it was.

I will end my story with our Uber ride home when Rachel asked me “So what you think?” I replied you people have opened Pandora’s box — this town will never be the same.



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