Writers take Rep. Cline to task for actions

I’m disappointed to see that Rep. Ben Cline was a participant in the stunt to delay Congressional hearings on the possibility of impeachment.

Didn’t he know that these investigations are similar to a Grand Jury hearing, which is closed to the public?

Didn’t he know that there were already 45 Republican members who are participating in these hearings? They are members of the appropriate committees.

Republicans are not being shut out, as his group claimed.

Once again, Cline demonstrated his slavish allegiance to President Trump. He realizes that the evidence that is coming out from the testimonies is very damaging to the President. Once again, Cline shows that his loyalties are to his party, not to the people or to his country.

Teenagers could be forgiven for pulling a ridiculous “clown stunt” like this. We expect better from our elected representatives.



* * *

Ben Cline was busy Wednesday working to subvert our democracy.

He, along with many of his Republican colleagues, voted against House Bill 4617, “Should Loopholes Allowing Foreign Interference and Deceptive Practices in U.S. Elections be Closed?” This is how far astray the Republican Party has gone under Donald Trump. They are willing to say that it is fine to have foreign interference and deception in our elections if it will help them get reelected!

And that wasn’t enough for Cline in one day. He also joined the 20-odd Republicans who “stormed the SCIF” in an effort to disrupt the deposition of Pentagon official Laura Cooper. House of Representatives rules state that only committee members can participate in such hearings. There are Republicans on the committees participating, but that wasn’t enough for this group. Not only did they barge into the secure facility, but they brought their cell phones, which is explicitly against the law since electronic devices endanger the security of the facility by opening the opportunity for foreign surveillance.

Is this who the people of the Sixth District want representing them? Someone who votes that foreign interference and deceptive practices in our elections are perfectly fine? Someone who participates with a mob and breaks the law in the House of Representatives?

Ben Cline will be up for reelection in 2020. Let’s make sure this is not only his first term in Congress, but his last.



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