Face it: Bipartisanship is all but dead

Bipartisanship does not work. The legislation that created the nuclear power industry was bipartisan. The law mandated a nuclear waste repository by 1998; we still don’t have one.

Democrats want background ID checks on all gun purchases. Gun owners complain that asking strangers for personal information like a Social Security number would reduce sales significantly. Also, a fee for the check would hurt the poorest gun sellers.

Republicans want photo voter ID checks to keep ineligible people from voting. If Russian collusion was bad, surely that would be worse. Democrats claim that minority voters would be disenfranchised by such legislation.

Why engage in co-partisanship? Democrats give Republicans a voter ID law, and Republicans give Democrats a gun sales background and ID check law. An eye for an eye. Would this make our country a more perfect union?



Nature’s in charge

Some people want to control the climate; it can’t be done. It’s been tried. Some have tried in the past to make it rain with no success.

You must realize the Earth is getting over the last ice age. It’s been getting warmer for a few thousand years and will continue to warm up until Ol’ Mother Nature decides otherwise. (You should have learned this in grade school.)

Nothing you can do will change anything. I’m going to take things as the come, one day at a time, and so should you.


Spout Spring

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