When will enough be enough for GOP?

Well, we all know what the outcome of the impeachment inquiry will be, at least in the short run. The Democrats have undoubtedly found enough evidence to bring articles of impeachment against the president. They will do so and vote to impeach him. The Republicans, without a doubt, will vote to acquit him in the Senate.

Their defense was articulated by Rep. Will Hurd of Texas, not a Trump sycophant by any means, who said that he would vote no on impeachment because, while Trump’s phone call was “inappropriate” (see illegal), it did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

Fair enough. The result will be that Donald Trump remains the 45th president of the United States.

But what is imminently more worrying is the long-term ramifications of this outcome. The message to the president, sent by the Republicans turning a blind eye to his misconduct is, “You got away with it … again”.

We all know what reaction this will bring from Trump. He has a long history of skirting the law, and every time he does it usually is followed by him doubling down and pushing the envelope even farther. You can be assured that at this very moment Trump, Rudy Giuliani and their henchmen are already planning what they can do and who they can employ to help get Trump reelected next year, whether they do so legally or not.

What this means is that next year Americans will face an election even more compromised than that of 2016. If that happens and, God forbid, Trump wins reelection, then all bets are off. We will be facing four more years of a completely unbridled Trump. A Trump who will feel that he is truly untouchable. If that occurs, I fear for our republic. The only thing that can stop this catastrophe is a complete repudiation of Trump at the polls next year, if a free election is even possible, or, even less likely, the Republicans finally put their country before their party and their personal gain and say enough is enough.



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