Writer: Pence a poor choice for speaker

What incredible hypocrisy. Vice President Mike Pence wants us all to defend Christian values, when one of the biggest offenders of Christian values is his boss, President Trump.

By any measure of humanity, Donald Trump is a horrible human being. He is a lying, cheating, racist bigot who treats all people less powerful than him with absolute disdain, while cozying up with murderous thugs like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and the Saudi leadership. I believe he’s jealous of their power. I think he would love to be able to just machine gun down all those pesky immigrants just trying to get a better life for themselves. That would slow them down. Unfortunately, I think a lot of his base would applaud him.

Of course, he only hates undocumented immigrants if they’re not making him money. For all his years of ranting and raving about them, it was only earlier this year that they “discovered” lots of them working at his clubs. After all, you don’t have to pay them benefits or give them vacation time. Now there are reports that they made them clock out and then continue working for hours for free, they knew they couldn’t complain. Yeah, robbing poor people to make yourself rich, that’s a real Christian value.

Pence should clean up his own house before preaching to the rest of us. The Republican Party has become one of the most corrupt and lawless parties ever in power in this country. That’s the whole thing, power. Trump keeps them in power, and they will march in lockstep to him as long as he does. Previously respected Republicans have sold their soul to Donald Trump, that’s their choice. At the very least, they should stop calling themselves Christians, that’s offensive.



Poor planning by city

I want to bring to your attention what I consider very poor planning and execution by Lynchburg City. There was a small road repair job ongoing just west of the U.S. 221/U.S. 501 intersection near Billy Craft Honda last week. This repair closed the inside U.S. 221 westbound lane at the intersection. As a result, traffic was backing up all the way back to Wiggington Road at times on the Desmond Doss Expressway and who knows how far back on the northbound toward Graves Mill Road exit. Tractor trailers were getting stuck in the intersection and blocking traffic in all directions.

It was a total disaster. It took me 20-plus minutes to get through this intersection each of the two times I had to use it. I have to think it would be a problem for emergency vehicles as well, since there is really no place for anyone to go to get out of the way. At the least, there should have been traffic officers present to direct traffic and reduce the chances for accidents.

This job should have been done at night when traffic loads were lower. It makes no sense whatsoever to do this work during the day when traffic loads are most heavy. The city could have done better, a lot better, considering all of the taxes we pay.



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