What about the rest of us, President Falwell?

Fox News aired a segment Thursday in which Jerry Falwell Jr. said he would not shut down Liberty University due to the novel coronavirus pandemic because the students, being under age 50 have a “99.7% cure rate.”

Falwell, in his ignorance of how things actually happen in the real world, does not understand how an epidemic works. Having his 15,000 students roaming around without regard to infected status or Centers for Disease Control contact guidelines and in close living quarters would infect numerous people who would either get horribly sick with repercussions or who would die.

A man who is violently anti-abortion and “chooses life” is condemning people to death, perhaps in large numbers.

This megalomaniacal selfishness and self interest is his hallmark. I am a 71-year-old registered nurse who is diabetic and has heart disease in this community where Liberty students are everywhere as students in the hospitals, servers in restaurants and other close-contact jobs. I am being put significantly more at risk of death by Falwell’s not following infection control guidelines.

The regional or state health departments need to intervene quickly if they care about any other sectors, the majority, of the population. What will the city do to change this potentially deadly flaunting of national CDC pandemic protocol?


Madison Heights

Don’t waste time

One of the unintended consequences of having a businessman as president, is that he might see the coronavirus health crisis primarily as a financial illness attacking the U.S. stock market.

The initial days and weeks of a pending pandemic are crucial in defending against such a virus. Time shouldn’t be wasted suggesting foreign nations are illegitimate because they have handled the outbreak poorly. Time shouldn’t be waisted downplaying the seriousness of the illness or calling it a partisan weapon or hoax.

Care should be taken not to authorize admission of the virus-infected, if they are safely in isolation outside the U.S.



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