Are we a republic or the Wild, Wild West?

It’s baffling. Since when is it OK to ignore the Constitution by thumbing one’s nose at a congressional subpoena? Are we missing something? Is our nation a democratic republic, with all citizens subject to the laws set forth in the Constitution or not? Do we get to pick and choose which laws to follow? It feels like we are living in the Wild, Wild West.

The Constitution directs Congress, as one of the three co-equal branches of government, to perform presidential oversight. If the president (Republican or Democrat) does not uphold his sworn duty or performs in a manner that fails to support the Constitution, it is the duty of Congress to investigate such behavior. Making end-runs around Congress to fund a border wall after the House of Representatives denied this funding or instructing or encouraging government officials to ignore Congressional subpoenas is not how our elected leaders are expected to lead our country. Everyone, including the president, must be held accountable to the notion that no one is above the law.

As a nation so divided along political lines, we deserve — no, we must know — the truth.

It is great news for our country that the special counsel found no evidence to support Russian collusion. Hopefully, there will be no proof that the president or anyone on his staff engaged in obstruction of justice. However, the only way we will ever know is to let Congress fulfill its oversight duty without interference that would hinder its investigation.

“We The People” — Republicans, Democrats and independents — must know that our leaders comply with the laws established by our Constitution. If not, welcome back to the Wild, Wild West.



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