A classical - and illegal - gerrymander

The June 17 Supreme Court decision that upheld lower court rulings that the Republican-controlled House of Delegates violated the Constitution of the United States by racially gerrymandering 11 House of Delegates districts following the 2010 Census, made page A5 of The News & Advance edition of June 18.

The GOP House wasted millions of taxpayer dollars in defense of their actions. House Speaker Kirk Cox represents a district that benefited by the gerrymandering of blacks to a neighboring district. Cox spoke against the lower district and Supreme Court rulings, showing no remorse for denying Virginia’s voters their right to fair representation. This is a guy who took an oath to defend the Constitution. Note that a conservative majority Supreme Court issued the 5-4 ruling.

Every seat in the legislature is up for bid this year. The new maps ordered by the courts will give Democrats the opportunity for victories in both the state Senate and House. The Democrats may then have majorities in the House and Senate, as well as a Democratic governor. The GOP will have to wait for the Democrats to fail to do their jobs. Be sure to appreciate The News & Advance for unbiased coverage of these issues.



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