Stopping the immigrant flood at the border

Even after watching this president work for two and a half years, the elite in Washington, the talking heads in the news media and the various pundits from both political sides and in between still don’t understand what he does or why he gets results.

Every day since President Trump announced he planned to impose tariffs on Mexico, the press and the politicians expressed unending negative criticism with a myriad of comments: Tariffs are always bad; you don’t mix economic policy with immigration issues; this will hurt American businesses; this will hurt the consumer; this will blah, blah, blah. They all had opinions. Not only were their opinions universally wrong (as usual), they weren’t even playing in the same ballpark, because they still don’t understand Trump.

The overwhelming majority of recent illegals haven’t been coming from Mexico, they have been coming from other Central American countries. But ... they have been crossing the entire length of Mexico, a trek of around 2,000 miles, unhampered. They became illegal when they entered its southern border, but Mexico has been allowing them to pass through knowing they weren’t staying there. In simple terms, Mexico has been aiding and abetting their arrival at our border.

Key Point to the media and politicians: Trump never wanted any tariffs on Mexico. The Trump administration has made repeated requests to the Mexican government to stop the flow of illegals with no results. The threat of tariffs was an arm-twisting approach that got Mexico’s attention. and because Trump has already imposed tariffs elsewhere, they had to take him seriously. They showed up in only a few days to begin negotiations and Friday, June 7, they signed a deal. Mexico will now start impeding the flow of illegals, hopefully providing some relief at our southern border.

Mexico is not a rogue enemy state like Iran or North Korea, we are not going to threaten them militarily, they are our neighbor and trading partner. But just like the other nations not paying their fair share in NATO, Mexico was abusing its relationship with the U.S. With an allied nation, there are very few methods to apply pressure. Probably closing the border or tariffs are the most potent without being hostile. The mere threat of tariffs worked. Mexico came quickly to negotiate.

When will the talking heads learn? While they think this businessman is a buffoon, he’s moving chess pieces and winning victories: best economy in a half century, NATO members paying their fair share, Iran isolated, ISIS decimated, China trade deal improving and the only president ever to press North Korea to begin real negotiations. No matter what you think of Trump the man personally, start looking at the tremendous results of his policies, and his methods.


Madison Heights

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