In the face of racism, silence is consent

Donald Trump uses open bigotry, racism and white supremacy to divide us. All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, must condemn his recent attacks on four congresswomen of color. Silence on this matter is an endorsement of this hatred.

We live in dangerous times. Times when the American people are polarized, fearful, angry and alarmed.

Reps. Denver Riggleman and Ben Cline, by refusing to condemn Trump’s racist remarks about four American congresswomen, are guilty of cowardice. They support a Republican Party and a president who have embraced racism. Shame on them for lacking the moral fiber to condemn this racism, which is both unAmerican and unacceptable.

Trump refuses to even attempt to unite this country; rather endlessly creates divisions, “us and them”, those who love their country and those who, according to him do not, those who follow him and those who should leave. This is unAmerican and unacceptable.

“You are not one of us.” This statement is unAmerican and undemocratic.

“You should go back to the country you came from.” This statement is unAmerican and undemocratic.

“You hate America! You should leave it.” This statement is unAmerican and undemocratic.

We call out and condemn these statements. This division brought about by the president’s words and actions must end. A good leader unites people, brings them together and seeks to find common ground.

We write this knowing many will deny that President Trump’s statements and policies are racist, that the Republican Party has embraced racism, that Trump divides people, that Cline and Riggleman deserve condemnation — but truth must be spoken aloud, especially in dangerous times as these. We bear witness.



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