Writer: With guns, paranoia runs rampant

It’s pretty clear from all the Second Amendment Sanctuary City/County”meetings that the supporters of this idiotic, non-binding, legally meaningless, exercise in mass hysteria do not support free and fair elections. Interesting since I suspect many of them are Donald Trump supporters who have spent three years telling non-Trump supporters to get over the 2016 election.

The Second Amendment Sanctuary paranoia is nothing more than a Trump-like temper tantrum promoted by self involved narcissists or real super-patriot vigilante Virginians, as they perceive themselves, with nothing better to do than promote phony issues to feed their chaos addiction. Never too early to set your hair on fire and run around looking for black helicopters and storm troopers that want to snatch all the guns and lock you in a dungeon.

They say it’s not fair (stomp your feet and hold your breath here) that Northern Virginia has more people and therefore more votes and more influence over statewide elections. Real Virginians should not be bound by election results they don’t like. It’s tyranny, I tell you tyranny!

I was recently told by a local right-wing nut that the “techies” who migrate from other states to Northern Virginia for good-paying jobs in technical fields should not have the same voting rights as the “real” Virginians in this part of the state. Let that one marinade in your brain for awhile.

How about this for a solution. Second Amendment Sanctuary cities/counties could just stop taking state money beyond what is locally generated. State police could be transferred to other areas, counties could take over road building and maintenance and each locality could fully fund their schools. No one in NoVa would argue since many localities in this part of Virginia are a drag on the state finances anyway since they get more funding (welfare) from the state than the revenue they generate. To be honest, NoVa is your sugar daddy, not your nemesis, but we must stand united against free and fair elections no matter the cost. Problem solved, tyranny slain. Gadsden flag raised!

Many years ago I knew a very nice, intelligent elderly man who was fully functional at first blush. However, within a few minutes of any conversation, it became clear he was obsessed with the paranoid notion that some people were plotting to steal his shoes. No matter how many times friends, family and mental health professionals assured him his shoes were safe, he remained ever vigilant and eventually became totally lost in the fog of his delusion. This very nice and kind man was an unwilling victim of a terrible mental illness. On the other hand, the Second Amendment Sanctuary crowd has chosen self-involved paranoia, irrational fear and willful ignorance over reason.

We need common sense gun laws. When do we need them ? Now!



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