'Taboo' issues must be talked about

The social justice warriors on Lynchburg’s City Council, School Board and various task forces would be well advised to read Kentucky State University’s black political science Professor Wilford Reilly’s new book, “Taboo: 10 Facts You Can’t Talk About.”

Professor Reilly’s data driven book debunks nearly all of the things the leftist minority want you to believe about matters such as the Black Lives Matter movement and racist law enforcement officers, crime within the black community and on a subject dear to many — why do American black students on average do much worse in school than their counterparts.

One of many things Reilly and I agree on is the issue I have repeatedly tried to get our legislators to study: How does the culture of the child impact their educational attainment? Studies abound tell us different race students and those classified as economically disadvantaged score differently on the standardized tests. Many of my letters to the editor have emphasized this statistical correlation between the races on SOL pass rates and the percentage of children born to unwed mothers and missing dads. Reilly has also concluded “One of the biggest predictors [in educational outcomes] is how much you study. That’s 70 to 80 percent of it. The other is having a dad at home. If you adjust for hours studied and dads at home, there’s virtually no difference between the races.”

Lynchburg City Schools Superintendent Crystal Edwards informed me she knows of no legal reason why the state doesn’t study these cultural issues. If we can ask about the family’s income, why can’t we ask about the family structure?

Perhaps before throwing more and more social justice money at problems that only the black community can solve, Lynchburg leaders should strive to break open the unmentionable taboo truths regarding parental responsibility, education and poverty and discuss the real reasons why the black students are not living up to their full potential.



Poor placement

On the front page of the Feb. 6 issue of The News & Advance was an article about President Trump’s acquital, with a continuation on page A4, which is the obituary section.

Was this placement intentional or stupid? Your paper has become more and more liberal and biased.



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