Writer: Impeachment was the right course

The House of Representatives voted to impeach. The Senate weighs in next. Remember, we have the final say in November.

Was the House correct in investigating the president? Absolutely. It is their duty to monitor elected officials’ words and actions.

It is our duty, too. The House, Senate and people of America should not cling to, or support, any office holder who misleads or acts in an impeachable way.

Decades ago, impeachment hearings into Richard Nixon and Watergate were a wake-up call to Americans. We hit snooze. It happened again.

Nixon committed treason before taking office (working to stop a peace deal in Vietnam the Johnson administration was working on), lied and initiated illegal break-ins of his opposition. Had we not initiated impeachment proceedings against Nixon, presidents who followed would have taken our inaction as a green light — “anything goes.”

Nixon’s impeachment proceedings restored checks and balances on executive power.

It is wake-up time again. Our government and people cannot allow a president to do impeachable acts. And we cannot vote for senators that don’t hold the executive office accountable.

In November, we weigh in. Consider your vote thoughtfully. Was your senator or representative bullied? Did he side to retain partisan power and ignore reprehensible behavior? Has your senator or representative set such low standards for our presidency that he believes the president can tweet himself out of criminal behavior?

We have the last say. A vote for Libertarians and Democrats isn’t saying they are so good. Rather, it says we are tired of Republicans who prove, time and again, that they are so bad.

Cast your vote wisely.



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