Time to hold the president accountable

As the country continues down the road toward impeachment, it is important to note that a group of more than 500 legal scholars and constitutional experts have sent an open letter to Congress stating that President Trump “engaged in impeachable conduct.” The letter further states that President Trump “betrayed his oath of office” to help him “distort the 2020 election.”

So, who are we going to believe, the legal scholars and constitutional experts or the Republican disinformation machine?

Having viewed most of the impeachment hearings to date, I’m going with the legal scholars and constitutional experts. It is time for our corrupt president to be held accountable for his unlawful acts.



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Regarding the impeachment hearings, I don’t understand why the Democrats keep letting Republicans get away with misrepresenting the findings of the Mueller Report.

Robert Mueller did find evidence of collusion and obstruction, and he did not clear or vindicate President Trump in either case. As Mueller explains in the report, collusion per se is not a crime; only when it rises to the level of a criminal conspiracy is collusion a crime, and Mueller decided the Trump campaign’s collusion did not rise to that level.

Mueller found clear evidence of obstruction, which is a crime, but he did not indict because of the Department of Justice policy precluding charging a sitting president. He left it up to Congress to decide what to do about that. Read the report!



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