'Sanctuary' counties in for a rude awakening

Although counties like Campbell, Appomattox and possibly others have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries,” it is strictly symbolic. It would never stand up in court and is probably about to be overruled by the General Assembly in 2020.

Virginia is a “Dillon Rule” state. Simply put, that means all power and authority rests with the General Assembly and without its authorization, local governments can do nothing.

When I lived in Fairfax County, the Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance prohibiting licensed concealed carry in all county buildings and property. They were promptly sued by the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), and I was one of the co-plaintiffs. It was a slam-dunk. All we had to say was “Dillon Rule,” and it was game over. Not only did the judge rule in our favor, but he dared the county to appeal. They didn’t.

In November, Virginia was turned blue by massive amounts of out-of-state money, much from the anti-Second Amendment crowd, such as Michael Bloomberg (now officially a Democrat candidate for president). They expect a return on their investment. Now, the Dillon Rule will likely work against us. I shudder to think what damage the 2020 General Assembly will do to our Second Amendment rights. Whatever they do will likely be tested in court but it will take years to work through the legal process.

Democrats erroneously think they can limit gun violence by penalizing law-abiding people. That is why cities like Chicago and Baltimore, which have some of the most restrictive gun laws, have the most gun crime.

Elections have consequences, as I am afraid we are about to find out.



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