Time to reexamine America's racial history

In Cal Thomas’ Aug. 23 column (“‘You didn’t build that,’ Part II”), he complains that The New York Times is attempting to “reframe American history.”

He is referring to The Times “1619 Project.” Named for the year the first enslaved Africans were brought to this country, this project is a reexamination of the history of people of African decent on this country.

Thomas complains about attempts to rewrite history. It is often said that history is written by the winners. Jubal T. Early proved this wrong. Early, a Lynchburg resident, was one of, if not the, most significant promoters of the Lost Cause myth. His rewriting of the causes and reasons for fighting of the Civil War were instrumental in 100-plus years of segregation and mistreatment of African Americans in this country.

Maybe it is time to reexamine a brutal history of slavery, lynchings and denial of civil rights.



A nurse’s day

The other day, I clocked out of my full-time position as a registered nurse with Centra. I thought I would give the public a glance at what it’s really like from the inside.

The public is used to seeing the names of those in administration who become the public face of the organization, I don’t know them, but I can tell you about the people are the organization. I can tell you about Nurse “A” who had a homeless veteran that was traveling through the area and went home to wash all his clothes so that when he got where he was going, he could be proud of who he was. I could tell you about the Nurse “K” who is working her way through school paying for her family on one income and CNA “P” who works past retirement age, yet they pulled their money together to cover the cost of a stranger’s medicine. Maybe you’d like to know about the doctor who heard the school bully didn’t have enough food to eat at home so she then founded a program so that all area children get to eat when they leave school.

I’ve seen your nurse cry with your family member, I’ve seen your doctor utilize every resource to help your neighbor. I’ve seen countless, nameless people get up, stand strong and support their community every day. That’s what its like on the inside.



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