Don't place blame for shootings on Trump

In his Aug. 7 letter to the editor, “Not just Trump,” Bob Snell writes that President Trump is consequentially responsible for the massacre in El Paso and its ilk and that it is with a heavy heart that he says that every person who voted for Trump is also responsible.

He forgot to mention he is also light-headed. His assertion is clearly without any discernable thought process, reasoning, logic or rationale. This is as ludicrous as blaming former President Barack Obama and all Obama voters for the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012.

I certainly hope that Snell is not a product of the public schools in Lynchburg or Campbell County. If so, we are in a lot of trouble.



Wrong place for blame

I have suffered over the past several years reading the biased letters to your paper written by my fellow E.C. Glass High School classmate from many years ago, Bill Blackwell.

To quote that famous line from the 1976 film “Network,” “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

My heart aches over the innocent loss of life from the recent mass shootings as it does for any loss of innocent life regardless of the reason. But to lay the blame of these shootings at the feet of our president is beyond comprehension and common sense.

The impressionable (read: ignorant) liberals who continually label President Trump with ever “-phobic” term they can come up with only adds fuel to the already raging political wildfire, and it is the use of Blackwell’s incendiary keyboard that helps keep the flames high and dangerous.

It’s not the gun that kill people; it’s the finger that pulls the trigger on that gun and the sick mind that controls that finger. Similar to the sick minds that place blame where it doesn’t belong.


Cumming, Ga.

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