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Outgoing sheriff backs Miller

I am, at this time, officially endorsing Capt. Mike Miller for sheriff of Bedford County. Prior to the June Republican primary, in which there were three candidates vying for the GOP endorsement, I took a position shared by loyal members of the Republican Party of remaining neutral during this event.

The primary was open to all registered voters and the voters spoke: They selected Miller as their candidate for sheriff.

Miller is 35-plus year veteran of the sheriff’s office and has served with distinction in personnel, administration and budget and is currently the captain of operations, which encompasses investigations, vice/narcotics, tactical/SWAT teams and patrol operations. He has initiated and directed numerous community outreach programs and was instrumental in organizing and providing anti-active shooter programs to religious, fraternal, educational and industrial entities.

He directed the investigation in Bedford County of the 40-year-old cold case of the Lyons sisters who were abducted in Maryland and murdered in Bedford County. As a result of this investigation, the subject was arrested and convicted of the murders in Bedford County Circuit Court. In addition to this case, he directed the investigation in the abduction and murder of Raymond Wood from Lynchburg in Bedford County. As a result of this investigation, five MS-13 members were arrested with two having been found guilty and the remaining subjects awaiting trial.

He is currently enrolled in Duke University’s Divinity School and has completed advanced training courses sponsored by the FBI, DEA, AFT, National Sheriffs’ Association and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. He continually expands his horizons in his chosen profession — law enforcement.

I ask you to vote for him Nov. 5.



Bedford County

Leamy for Bedford schools post

We want to encourage all District 7 voters to go to the polls Nov. 5 to reelect Martin Leamy for School Board. He is equipped to move Bedford County Public Schools forward in order to prepare future ready graduates.

Leamy believes in providing the best educational opportunities for all students and in meeting diverse learning needs. He believes that the young people of Bedford County need to be provided quality teachers who feel valued. He wants all students to have effective instructional resources to meet their individualized learning needs. He stands for equity across the district especially when it comes to course offerings and learning facilities. He also believes in preserving school communities and in establishing nurturing learning environments in all schools so students, teachers, and community members feel accepted and experience a sense of belonging.

He humbly holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Virginia National Guard and served as a major with the U.S. Army. We believe that his choosing to return to Bedford to raise his son with his wife speaks volumes of his love for Bedford County and also of his understanding of Bedford County’s unique needs.

We proudly support him as District 7’s School Board member. We encourage all District 7 voters to go to the polls and to vote for the most qualified candidate, Martin Leamy.



Parker, Davis for supervisors

On Election Day, the people of Bedford County in Districts 6 and 7 will have an opportunity to steer their Board of Supervisors back toward fiscal responsibility and away from government-growing tax increases.

Bob Davis in District 6 is a businessman who knows what its like to meet a payroll.

Tammy Parker will continue her fight for transparency and accountability.



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