Writer: Clark for Campbell sheriff

Campbell County voters will elect a new sheriff on Nov. 5, and it is my distinct pleasure to endorse Whit Clark for this critical leadership role.

I have known Clark and his family for many years and worked with him for 27 years in a professional capacity at the Lynchburg Police Department. It is through my personal and professional relationships with him that I can attest, with certainty, that he is an outstanding candidate for sheriff.

He has over 36 years of law enforcement experience, both with the Lynchburg Police Department and, most recently, with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. He has excelled throughout his career and has developed a breadth of experience that is extremely impressive. Simply put, he possesses the professional experience necessary to make effective, insightful decisions and provide outstanding leadership as sheriff of Campbell County.

Additionally, he has excelled at cultivating strong relationships with community partners and other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout his career. The importance of these relationships cannot be overstated, for law enforcement organizations must work collaboratively within their respective communities and with other law enforcement partners to achieve any measurable level of success.

In closing, he possesses a myriad of positive traits that will empower him be a successful sheriff — traits that are important for voters to know. To begin, Clark demonstrates a sincere commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, which is foundational to the position of sheriff. Secondly, he is community-focused and genuinely selfless in his approach. For him, it is not about him but those around him. Third, he possesses a clear vision for Campbell County and a plan to attain that vision. Lastly, heis one of the most positive people I’ve ever been around, a leadership trait that is often undervalued. Leaders set the tone for their organization in everything they say and do.

It is my honor to endorse Whit Clark for sheriff and I urge the residents of Campbell County to vote Whit Clark for sheriff on Nov. 5.



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