The final say on 2019 elections

Miller for Bedford sheriff

I am a veteran and served as a military policeman in the United States Army. I have a deep love for this country and my community, and that is why I would like to express my support for Mike Miller for the sheriff of Bedford County.

He represents a commitment to service that I respect. He has devoted the last 35 years to the residents of Bedford by serving them as a law enforcement officer.

The job of law enforcement is not an easy one and is demanding on many levels; this is what makes Miller’s commitment even more special. Additionally, he has a philosophy that I admire that involves compassion along with law enforcement. He recently told me of a situation he was involved in where a person was having a mental emergency and had to be taken into custody because they were being violent. He expressed that although he strongly believes that consequences are important and required, sometimes someone might need to go to the hospital for care rather than just being taken straight to jail. I agree. In order to work towards long-term stability, some individuals need to receive the proper mental care so they can become productive members of our community in the future.

For these reasons, and others, I am voting for Mike Miller for sheriff. Please vote for him on Nov. 5.



Bedford County salary hikes

It has recently come to my attention that some members in the community are attempting to mislead the public in order to influence next week’s local election. Some information has been shared through letters to the editor in local newspapers that have no basis in fact, and I feel the need to set the record straight. I can speak to these matters because I was serving as a member of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors during this process and know, first hand, how this process was conducted and who was involved.

What some have said about the pay raises that were awarded to all Bedford County employees in 2016 is spurious. The first bit of misleading information is that the pay raises were only given to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office employees. This is not correct. The county conducted a pay study and awarded raises to all employees on the county pay plan. This includes many other valuable employees beyond those at the sheriff’s office. Second, it has been said that members of the sheriff’s office had control or influence on who received raises and how much they got. This also is not correct. Pay raises were awarded using several factors established by county staff and individual departments, such as the sheriff’s office, were not involved in that process. County staff used several criteria to determine who got what pay increases, which included:

» Establishing new pay grades based upon the pay study recommendations;

» All employees were given a 2 percent cost of living raise;

» If, after receiving the 2 percent increase, the employee was not at the minimum of their new pay grade, they were brought up to that level; and

» To address salary compression, a ratio was utilized to fairly award raises based on the number of years an employee had served in their current position.

Again, these criteria were utilized for all county employees without input from department heads. It undermines the transparency of any organization when individuals are spreading false or misleading information to garner political points. If anyone has questions on how raises in 2016 were awarded or who made the final determinations on amounts, please feel free to contact the Bedford County Administrative Offices as this is all a matter of public record.



Miller most qualified in Bedford

I am a field operations deputy at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. I am writing to you to ask for your vote for Capt. Mike Miller in the upcoming sheriff’s election.

I believe Miller has the best attributes to be the sheriff of Bedford County. Since being hired by the sheriff’s office, I have had a chance to be around and get to know all three candidates very well. Without a doubt, I know that Miller is the best choice in the upcoming election. Miller understands the men and women at the sheriff’s office and works to mentor and build them based on their strengths and skillsets. I have seen that he tries to place each deputy in a position to succeed in the areas that they want to succeed the most and works to reward those who work hard daily to make Bedford County a safer and better place.

Anyone who attempts to convey that Miller does not put the men and women of the sheriff’s office first is simply wrong and misinformed. I am speaking from experience as a deputy who work for him. Miller will be a working sheriff who will also be our back up when needed. I know he will work to ensure that there is more manpower on the road. His compassion for the men and women of the agency is evident as he would work out on the road to help out long before this election ever began.

Most importantly, Miller won the Republican primary election and is the only Republican-endorsed candidate.

Lastly, I want you to know Miller is a man of the utmost integrity who truly wants what is best for the residents of Bedford County and the sheriff’s office. My family and I have lived in Bedford County my entire life ,and I want this county to continue to stay safe. To do this, the agency must be led by someone who will put the needs of the residents of Bedford County first. Miller has been dedicated to this county for over 30 years and has never left the county for better job offers, which he certainly could have done.

This department wants to continue to move in the right direction and with every great agency there is always a great leader behind it. Please vote for Capt. Mike Miller on Nov. 5.



Miller backed for Bedford sheriff

As a resident of Bedford County for over a decade, I have voted in many elections. This year for the first time in four decades, we have the opportunity to elect a new sheriff to our county. When one looks at the candidates for sheriff, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. That gentleman is Mike Miller.

While I could spend my time giving you the highlights of his impressive 35-year resume with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, I feel that those credentials speak for themselves. His resume far surpasses any other candidate that is seeking office, and I urge you to look into the qualifications of each individual.

The integrity that he shows is insurmountable. With him, what you see is what you get. He has run a clean election and despite the effort of others to try and smudge his name, he has stood firm to the truth. Miller has not wasted one moment of time trying to point out the flaws or questionable choices of others. Instead, he has focused all of his time and effort on showing the residents of Bedford County that he truly is the best man for the job, as well as the most qualified, dependable and knowledgeable.

Miller is a true man of character, and I ask that you join me in voting for him on Nov. 5.



Woofter, Zilles for House seats

I want to send my most sincere thanks to Jennifer Woofter and David Zilles for providing the voters of 22nd and 23rd House of Delegates districts an alternative at the polls on Tuesday. I’m so grateful that they were willing to sacrifice their families’ precious time, and sometimes sanity, to run to represent all of us.

They’ve run enlightening and engaging campaigns, waking us up on issues that impact our most vulnerable neighbors. When knocking on doors to introduce voters to their campaigns, I’ve heard again and again real anxiety about health care access and crushing prescription drug costs, lack of support for our schools and teachers and fears for the safety of our children impacted by gun violence. I am always thankful that I can say with confidence that they are listening and will represent their concerns well when in Richmond.

I’ve been to Richmond with both of them and watched as they spoke to our current representatives and staffers with respect and determination. I know they are both intelligent and measured and would follow their integrity to do the right thing by their constituents. They want to see Virginia with a strong economy, robust jobs and healthy infrastructure. They want all of our rural neighbors to have access to the internet. And they will advocate for equality for all of us, including equal rights for women.

When politics seems so upside-down and corrupt right now in so many ways, thank you for being real people who want to do the best for all of us. Thank you for being good humans. I believe in both of them, and I encourage all voters to go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Woofter for the 22nd House District or Zilles for the 23rd House District.



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