Thanks for your trust, support

As I prepare to end my 40 years of public service to Campbell County, 12 years on the School Board and 28 years on the Board of Supervisors, I can look back with satisfaction on the things we have accomplished. There is not a single thing I would change over these many years.

I wish my successor well with the change in the Virginia General Assembly starting in 2020 may well present some very challenging times.

For years, the Commonwealth of Virginia had provided the majority of the funding for Campbell County. That is why we could never prepare our budget until the state prepared theirs. Over the years, the funding from the state has been decreasing and the unfunded mandates from the state have been increasing. That leaves the local counties with the dilemma of cutting services or raising taxes, something we struggled with every year.

I for one took no pleasure in having the lowest paid teachers and law enforcement officials in the area, while others in the county saw that as a mark of success. That is why I supported the meals tax, which being a consumption tax, is as fair a tax as you can have. You don’t pay it unless you choose to dine out.

I think it is very likely that the new General Assembly will radically change the funding formula, and rural counties like Campbell will take a major hit in funding. If that occurs, the next board will be faced with further cutting services or increasing taxes. I have been through this exercise many times, and they are indeed trying on mind and body.

By the end of the 2020 General Assembly session, we will know what the future brings.

I want to thank the voters of the Concord District for putting their faith and trust in me these many years. God bless you all, Campbell County and our great and wonderful country.



Editor’s note: The writer represents the Concord District on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors.

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