Robey stands out in Bedford race

Three quality candidates are seeking the Republican nomination for sheriff of Bedford County, Mike Miller, Kent Robey and David Wells. All three bring with them varying credentials that more than qualifies them for this office. There are, however, some similarities all three candidates share. All three men grew up in Bedford County. They all have significant ties to the Sheriff’s Office, and lastly, and arguably the most important common thread is, all three men present themselves as men of faith and worship the one, true God.

Wells is a quality individual who has considerable experience in law enforcement. He is part of a family that is deep in law enforcement heritage. His academic accomplishments are equally impressive.

Miller has worked his way up through the ranks. I worked alongside him for several years. What is without question, is his passion for the Sheriff’s Office and serving the Bedford community.

Robey is a military veteran. His experience spans multiple levels of law enforcement. His formal education includes a masters in criminal justice and public administration. He too, served as a deputy for Bedford Country. During his tenure, he successfully oversaw the day-to-day operations of multiple areas in our Sheriff’s Office.

There will be qualifications that will ring louder to some voters, than to others. All three have favorable traits and are worthy candidates. I see Robey as the candidate with the most to offer the residents, businesses, tourists and visitors of Bedford County. He has familiarity with the county. He brings in a fresh set of eyes to evaluate the effectiveness of current Sheriff’s Office policies and practices. I believe his experiences outside of Bedford County provide him a broader perspective to make the best changes, where changes are needed. His experience includes senior-level leadership and responsible budget management. Knowing that no agency can address every circumstance that may negatively impact citizens, he has started building relationships with nearby law enforcement executives to strengthen mutual aid efforts, should there ever be a need for additional resources to better protect the folks of Bedford County. It is this type of insightful leadership that will be needed to navigate the often turbulent waters of public safety in today’s society.

Everyone must vote their conscience. If one lays out their qualifications, without any personal attachments, it would be difficult to arrive at any other conclusion that in a field of qualified candidates, Robey is the strongest candidate.



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