Wells a needed 'breath of fresh air'

The Republican primary will be held in Bedford County on June 11.

Three vie for the Republican nomination for sheriff. In total, there are five candidates for this office. Four of the five have been trained under the current sheriff, Mike Brown. One did not, and that candidate has the most well-rounded credentials and experience for the job.

David Wells comes from deep roots in both Bedford County and has an unblemished career in law enforcement. You might remember our former sheriff, Carl Wells. That’s David’s dad. I see no need to slander any of the other Bedford folks; they are mostly my neighbors, having been here all my life. No doubt they have done a good job working for Sheriff Brown. However, I personally feel that Wells has the best credentials, and would offer a much needed alternative to 23 years of the same.

I am not saying that Brown has served without merit. But, at a point in Bedford County government when we are putting fresh eyes on many areas, a new set on the sheriff’s office is timely. Wells has the experience, and can offer our county a breath of fresh air. Please join me in voting David Wells on June 11.



Thanks for support

I want to send a public thank you to Mayor Treney Tweedy, President John Capps of Central Virginia Community College and Bill Bodine of the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation for their attendance and public support at the Central Virginia Academy of Nonprofit Excellence (CVANE) fifth anniversary event on May 21 at the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.

David Neumeyer founded CVANE with the mission of offering high quality training and development to local and regional nonprofit organizations, and his service to the community has been long lasting. CVANE would also like to thank its many partnerships over the past five years like the United Way of Central Virginia for training, Oakwood Country Club for its networking lunches, CVACL for meeting and event space and many others who have helped CVANE provide its services to improve the quality of nonprofit effectiveness in the Lynchburg community. Lastly, thanks to the many trainers, speakers and attendees which made CVANE’s success possible.


CVANE President

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