Giving women an equal chance

I am writing in response to the article, “New local program offered to women wanting to learn machinery skills,” published in the March 4 issue of The News & Advance.

To fathom that we live in society where women still have to endure unequal pay rates and job positions is difficult and unfair. This program allows for women to be able to break those standards and be able to finally find their place in a blue-collar job field.

Behind this, the world still has gender inequalities and women still have to fight for average salary.

The efforts put in by the Jubilee Family Development Center to break the gender standards we still have in the workplace are appreciated and a great way to begin to settle the inequality. In addition, it is my opinion that women should not have to take these extra courses in order to be as equally trained as men to learn machinery, as well as special training.

It is unfair for women to have to complete additional tasks to be certified and trained the same as men at the same type of job. Additionally, it is unequal that women have to go through specialty programs in order to have higher paying jobs.

These higher-paying jobs for women could result in a better lifestyle that suits their families better. Women should have an equal opportunity in pursuing a career that they enjoy without feeling unwanted because they are a woman. Some women enjoy the challenges and continuous learning that machinery and other blue-collar jobs.



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