Why I'm going to vote for Trump

It is more than a year before the election to see who believes that they can defeat Donald Trump, but I have already decided that I am going to back Trump, talk him up, put bumper stickers on my Outback and even contribute to his campaign.

Why have I, someone’s who’s voted for a progressive candidate (or liberal if you prefer), in every local, state, and national election since I was old enough to vote? Well, my first vote was for “I like Ike,” so there is the one exception.

Trump is the first candidate ever to promise to eliminate cancer if elected for a second term, and that’s not all, he is going to eliminate HIV, too! Because of this promise, I am going to overlook the fact that he has trashed a Gold Star mother and father, decided that John McCain was not worthy of being a war hero, got five deferments from the draft because his doctor said he had “heel spurs” and disagreed with Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis about warfare tactics in Syria, causing the general to leave his administration.

I’m going to overlook his belief that women don’t own their own bodies, that children should be taken away from their parents, even those as young as five months old. I don’t care that he is trying to change our democracy into an oligarchy. I don’t even care that his tax bill benefited the richest in the country. Neither does it bother me that he has committed adultery at least two times, but the evangelicals don’t care either, so why should I?

I don’t care that he has committed, at the very least, 10 acts that are worthy of impeachment, and even more if you have read the Mueller report as I have. I really don’t care how he cozies up to the dictators of the world and makes our friends around the world believe that America has lost all its senses. It really doesn’t matter that much that since he has been in office he has logged in excess of 10,000 lies.

I really don’t care! Donald J. Trump is going to cure cancer in his second term and HIV too. You know what he says, “promises made, promises kept.” In November of 2020, I’m voting for Trump! Tell that to the Marines.



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