Loper, Faraldi backed for council

As a former conservative activist, having served as campaign manager for the Albert Billingsly city council campaigns of 2016 and 2018, as well as the chairman of Students for Tom Garrett at Liberty University in 2016, I have never been more excited for a slate of candidates running for City Council as I am for entrepreneur and philanthropist Abe Loper, as well as my friend and trusted public servant, Christopher Faraldi.

Lynchburg is a small town at heart with big-city ambitions, and the recent decade has taken a turn many feel uncomfortable with.

Are our public schools suitable for our students? Is downtown safe for our families and tourism? Do we prioritize the needs of all residents, or the few with private interests and deep pockets?

While the solutions might not be clear immediately, one thing is, Lynchburg deserves servant-leaders who will listen, learn and make the tough choices that impact every tax payer and resident.

While many of the current council members speak of good intentions and simply hoping things will get better one day, I trust the proven track record of results of these two men based on their individual dedication to their community, state and nation.

Loper and Faraldi are worth taking a chance on, and I hope my many friends and peers in the Lynchburg community are willing to give them a chance at the polls May 5.



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