Federal program cruel to dogs

Recently, I received an update from Sen. Mark Warner regarding the State Department’s multi-million dollar program that sends bomb-sniffing dogs to foreign countries.

All too often, these beautiful, highly trained dogs are neglected and abused, dying painful deaths because the State Department fails to properly monitor and protect them once they leave the United States. And that’s according to the department’s own inspector general.

Many of these dogs are trained in Virginia. Warner is working with the State Department to try to correct this egregious situation, so please contact him at (540) 857-2676 to express your support for his endeavors. Also, please contact Rep. Ben Cline at (202) 225-5431 to ask that he work with and support Warner to stop this program from deliberately sending dogs to a cruel fate.

My opinion? The program should be discontinued.



Reporter an asset to the city

I had the honor and pleasure of getting to know reporter Olivia Johnson through her work on the city beat for The News & Advance where she covered transit issues. Her thorough coverage of the issues was impressive and her writing excellent. Learning now that she was only 22 makes her talent, poise and professionalism even more astonishing.

Olivia was a huge asset to our community in her brief time in Lynchburg. We are all in shock and grieve deeply, for Olivia left us much too prematurely. My deepest condolences to all her friends and family, particularly her dear sisters. It was immediately apparent that Olivia was special, and her short life will be long remembered.

With deepest sadness,



Editor’s note: The writer is a former member of the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company’s board of directors.

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