More bang for your charity buck

You’ve probably heard the phrase “buy local.” To me, it’s about prioritizing your expenditures such that they better the community one lives in for mutual success. The same reasoning can be applied to charitable donations.

If you, like me, are fortunate and want to give back some of your blessings, please consider donating to or volunteering at the Lynchburg Daily Bread.

Before I donate to any charities, I always research them, including their IRS 990 forms, to see how they will really spend my money.

For 37 years, the Daily Bread has:

» served a free nutritious lunch 365 days per year,

» opened its doors to anyone and everyone,

» fed the hungry as many servings as they want and

» done this and more on a very modest budget and staff that is augmented by more than 1,000 unpaid volunteers.

In 2018, they served nearly 37,000 meals on Clay Street and an additional 42,000 were given out in through their meals outreach program. Their volunteers contributed nearly 17,000 hours.

You can’t get a better bang for your buck.

I have a disabled friend who lives well below the poverty level. For over two decades, he’s received a free hot meal daily at Daily Bread. Bless you all who support Daily Bread. Thank you and Merry Christmas.



A successful fight to save history

On Dec. 5, NRM Associates Inc. and its engineering partner Acres of Virginia Inc. notified the city that they would no longer be pursuing their efforts to rezone 1000 Villa Road, the property between Villa Maria, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and the adjoining homes on Krise Circle, Dellwood Circle, Langhorne Road, Rowland Drive and Rivermont Avenue. They stated their reasons for this decision were due to the lack of support from the city planning department and the neighborhood opposition that they have had to deal with for the past several months.

The planning department made it clear to the developers when they first submitted their plans this past summer that they would not support them. Instead of working with the neighborhood and community on their redesign, the developers doubled down and submitted new plans with little change. City planning again voiced opposition to the plans, but the developer doubled down again and wasted the city’s and community’s time with efforts to move them forward to the city planning commission and on to City Council. Last Thursday, the developer finally backed away of this ill-conceived plan.

I want to take the time to thank every neighbor and citizen who was instrumental in stopping this effort. We had a team of folks that took on whatever was needed to get our message out to the larger community. Our campaign volunteers and the more than 1,000 people who signed our petition understood that this was about more than just saving Villa Maria and the surrounding historic neighborhoods, this was about stopping a precedent of an inappropriate suburban development being wedged in between historic and established neighborhoods. This was about retaining the character and fabric of our neighborhoods, in keeping with the city’s Comprehensive Plan.



Remember the victims

Ten years ago in Appomattox County, Morgan Dobyns, Emily Quarles, Jonathan Quarles, Karen Quarles, Bo Scruggs, Dwayne Sipe, Joshua Sipe and Lauraless Sipe were all killed by gun violence. We at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Appomattox were emotionally and spiritually grieved by all who died but especially the four who were children at the time. Our young people from OLP were friends and classmates of the younger people killed.

The school-age friends of the victims got to work and created a memorial garden and a sacred space for those who died. All at Our Lady of Peace remember the deceased each Sunday as we gather for worship.

I want to cordially invite all to a memorial service on Jan. 10 at 6:30 p.m. Prayers will be said; songs will be sung; and candles in memory will be lit. If weather permits, we will process outside to the sacred space.

Ministers, as well as surviving family members, will have a part if desired. I have been working with one of the surviving parents to make it as meaningful as possible.

Please contact me if you would like to participate. Refreshments and fellowship will follow. My contact email is

In the Prince of Peace,


Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church


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