Riggleman stands up for liberty

I think Rep. Denver Riggleman should be commended and supported for his willingness to be open-minded and officiating a gay wedding. He should not be censured or reprimanded. Those who seek to reprimand or censure Riggleman should be reprimanded for being narrow minded.

Although I’m not a big LGBTQ fan, but I support a person’s right to choose who they love. I’m an independent voter and consider myself more conservative than liberal.

Though I’m also not a Virginia voter — I’m from Maryland — I have significant legacy property in Nelson County. I consider Nelson County and Faber my spiritual home. I have also supported politicians on both side of the aisles locally.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak out


Silver Spring Md.

In memory of a friend

I want to take a moment to remember and honor William “Bill” Coursey III, whom I first met when teaching at James River Day School. (He later called me to join him at Holy Cross Regional School, where I am now principal.) He was an exemplary school leader, a mentor, an adventurer, an insightful thinker and a loyal friend.

As a school leader, Bill understood the importance of fulfilling the mission/vision. He put student achievement first though academic excellence and social awareness. He was a skilled collaborator at every level. He kept a managerial magnifying glass on instruction, enrollment, advancement, finance, facilities and governance. He was always looking for ways to get better, to innovate, to motivate and to inspire. He did it all with unflinching character and ethical integrity.

He modeled a zest for life whether he was on a wild river expedition through Russia, competing with his formula racecar around Virginia International Raceway, or writing articles about motorcycling the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Bill Coursey never did anything half-way. His all-out, full-bore personality had a lot of us trying to keep up. A real gentleman, His brilliant intellect was matched with true modesty. More than all these things, he was a dependable and trustworthy friend.



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