A tale of two Lynchburg schools

No doubt you have heard the many excuses for the Lynchburg children’s performances on the state SOLs.

While the Lynchburg City Schools leadership and The News & Advance editorial page editor would like you to believe factors such as the economic viability, ZIP code and race are three major factors, I offer the following comparisons. Both schools are in the 24503 ZIP code and are elementary grade schools.

» Bedford Hills: Rank in Lynchburg, 10; statewide rank of 1,102: 934; better than other elementary schools, 15.2 percent; student-teacher ratio, 16.2/1; free and reduced lunch, 43.4 percent; average standard score, 24.7; percentage of white students, 52.5 percent; percentage of black students, 31.9 percent; and percentage of Hispanic students, 7 percent.

» Paul Munro: Rank in Lynchburg, 1; statewide rank of 1,102: 216; better than other elementary schools, 80.4 percent; student-teacher ratio, 15.8/1; free and reduced lunch, 45.1 percent; average standard score, 71.7; percentage of white students, 52.7 percent; percentage of black students, 35.4 percent; and percentage of Hispanic students, 5 percent.

Makes you wonder!



A philanthropist and a friend

In this time of so many depressing, divisive and negative headlines, it was such a pleasure to see the Sept. 24 News & Advance article about Brit LeCompte (“Lynchburg philanthropist celebrates 100 years by giving back”).

Though not among the 200 who attended his birthday party on July 28, we’ve known Brit for a number of years and wish him well — along with the many projects and programs he supports. Those listed in The News & Advance article are by no means a complete summary of his and his late wife’s contributions to their adopted city.

Happy belated birthday, Brit — may you have good health and many more!



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