Charlottesville being ripped apart

Why doesn’t the City Council in Charlottesville believe in a diversity of opinion? This is in regards to their constant attempts to have those Confederate statues removed.

Get over it. Be inclusive. Respect diversity even when it does not reflect what you believe in.

These council members are tearing the city apart. I personally don’t believe there would have been that white nationalist rally there in the first place if not for their dogged determination to remove those statues.

Leave them where they are and respect those who have opinions that differ from what you believe in. Create new statues for other people that we think deserve a statue or memorial, regardless of skin color or political affiliation, but don’t get in the business of removing statues because of some current whim about what deserves to be in a park now and what may be there in the future.

We used to call this common sense, but it is in short supply these days and especially in Charlottesville.



What was for lunch, Rudy?

As we know, the FBI recently arrested two Russian-born Florida businessmen who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

These men were attempting to board an international flight at Dulles International Airport with one-way plane tickets. They had last been seen in public that very afternoon having lunch at a restaurant with Trump’s personal attorney, one Rudy Giuliani. Trump supporters were very excited at this news, with most wanting to know what Rudy had for lunch.

The two men are held on campaign finance fraud charges.



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