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Davis, Parker for Bedford board

Current District 6 Supervisor Andy Dooley, joined the Republican Party to be able to run against then-Supervisor Annie Pollard. After winning and being elected to the county Board of Supervisors, he decided to no longer be a member of the local Republican Party.

Bob Davis is a current member of the Republican Party and stands for the truth, fiscal restraint and serving the people with his position not the other way around. He is a local businessman and has run his own farm and business for 35 years. He is running for the District 6 supervisor seat in his effort to work with fellow citizens and protect our low tax rate.

Don’t be misled by Dooley who speaks to the board’s work in keeping taxes low. Dooley actually voted against the equalization of the property tax rate. If this passed, it would have imposed financial hardship on many property owners.

Tammy Parker has always been and will continue to be an advocate for the people.

With so many freedoms being trampled on these days, isn’t this what we want and need in our leaders? Parker understands government processes and can function on multiple levels based on her experience in the county’s Planning Department and also serving as Supervisor for District 7 for four years in which she served as vice chairwoman and chairwoman. She will serve the county with transparency and monitor our fiscal resources to ensure that they go where they are needed and are monitored with oversight.

On Nov. 5, vote for Parker for District 7 supervisor.



Accountability in Bedford again

Restoring accountability on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors should be the most important topic when voting in November. We need Tammy Parker to help restore it. The state government’s $6.2 million annual funding back to our county schools from the city reverting to town status will stop in eight years. How will this be made up after the funding stops? The money was designed to go toward future renovating or building new schools but they have used the money for other purposes instead. The supervisors could have limited additional funding for schools to force the School Board to use these funds instead of allowing unnecessary spending. No accountability.

Prior to the past four years, the supervisors had many committees comprised of two supervisors per committee to meet with the county’s governmental departments. They would then report back to the full board with recommendations. This is designed to keep the board informed while making fiscal decisions. In the past four years, committees haven’t met. There is little information for the supervisors to make decisions on millions of dollars of spending. No accountability.

Then there’s a problem with our county’s waste management. The supervisors were shocked to learn that that we’re running out of landfill space and that it will take five years to open a new cell. They are considering using a transfer station with an annual cost of $2.7 million per year. Campbell County rejected our request to transport our waste to their location, and there is no guarantee that the regional landfill will accept our waste either. This mistake will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars long-term. Again, no accountability.

Parker exhibited great leadership as a supervisor from 2012 to 2015 and chairwoman of the board. She stands for fiscal restraint, open government and accountability of all supervisors to the taxpayers. She has experience in problem solving yet keeping or lower taxes in Bedford County. We need her leadership and insight to bring back sensibility to the board. Please vote for Parker for 7th District Supervisor.



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