Gunter for Campbell supervisor

Residents in Concord have an extremely important decision to make this November for the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. We can choose the candidate that understands what needs to be done — school facility upgrades, sheriff salary increases, broadband — or we can go with the candidate who wishes to fight for things that local government doesn’t do.

Matt Cline claims in his flyer he gave me that he’ll “lower taxes, fight for property rights, the 2nd Amendment, a world-class education, and economic growth.” Sir, when was the last time a Second Amendment issue come before the board? I can’t think of a single time either. Are property rights under assault somewhere in the county I’m not aware of? And I’m tired of hearing that lower taxation will bring in business to the county. If this were true, why aren’t we seeing more growth? We in Campbell have some of the lowest taxes in the area and have seen stagnant growth over the last 10 years. Any growth we’ve seen has been related to Liberty University and its growth into northern Campbell.

The question I have as an educator for Cline is a fairly simple one. What is your plan to make our education system “world-class?” Our buildings, in some cases, are literally falling apart. We lag behind our counterparts in Bedford and Lynchburg when it comes to course offerings for our students. How would you help to remedy this problem? You were against the meals tax that citizens passed in April, but were quoted in the paper this week as saying that you would use meals tax money for school capital improvements. Sir, which is it?

Eddie Gunter will once again get my vote for the Board of Supervisors this Election Day. Gunter can do basic math and see that we need increased funds for the projects that the vast amount of citizens support. The meals tax is the least impactful tax on county citizens. Instead of raising the real estate and/or personal property taxes, we can use these funds to help improve county services and amenities. When we fell short last summer in getting it put on the ballot in 2018, Gunter picked up the baton and helped us get to the finish line when he voted to put the meals tax to a referendum in January of this year. Cline, I have no doubt, was against the meals tax passing. Unless he’s willing to gut other county services to invest in the schools and sheriff’s office, he has no plan in helping move Campbell County forward. We have seen with the likes of Eric Zehr, Mike Rousseau, James Borland and Bob Good that they have (or had) no plan for the county. “No” is not a vision. Cline would fall into this category. Concord and the county at-large would be worse off. Vote Eddie Gunter on Nov. 5.



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