Richmond's 'purveyors of death'

Well, here we go again — the purveyors of death still alive and well and functioning in our legislature.

Once again we have the right to life of the unborn “sacrificed” for the sake of the women who just can’t seem to understand exactly what it is that gets them pregnant and how to avoid it. So, the ultimate outcome is that the unborn child in the womb is subject to the whims of a female who really has no control over her physical body or just doesn’t care so she can “live in the moment.”

An abortion, sanctioned by the state, to murder the child is actually a direct result of exactly that — no control over her body. The “right to life” flies out the window for the unborn human child (stop calling it a fetus — it’s a baby, folks) who becomes the “victim.” By the way, victims of a rape are a distinct minority of the females who obtain an abortion; some women (and this includes married women) have more than one or two or three and actually “gloat” about how an abortion allows them to live a life free of the burdens of a child to “pursue a career”!

Having control over their body is a cop out to actually being responsible so the question really is — at which point do they not have control over their body? We have to stop condoning the murder of these innocents!


Lynchburg Life Chain Coordinator


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