Miller more than just soundbites

On several occasions, I have heard the three Republican candidates make their case for why they should be elected Bedford County sheriff.

Candidate David Wells has stated that he will eliminate all specialty units with the exception of the Internet Crimes Against Children program and focus all resources to the core function of the sheriff’s department. Is he referring to the School Resource Officers? Is it a campaign soundbite of a candidate from the outside who has no idea what’s going on inside the sheriff’s office?

Candidate Kent Robey has publicly stated and posted on his Facebook page that, if elected, he would provide a law enforcement presence in all private schools and preschools throughout Bedford County. Would it be permissible to use the public funds of our taxpaying citizens to cover private schools? Additionally, he promises to cut $1.2 million from the sheriff’s office budget. How is that possible when we barely have enough funds to provide school resource officers in our public schools, and currently it isn’t enough to cover all public schools? Is this another campaign soundbite?

I am a Forest resident and a United States Army veteran. I see firsthand the growth of Bedford County every day. After closely following the Bedford sheriff’s race, I wholeheartedly support Mike Miller. He can count on my vote in the June 11 Republican Primary. Capt. Miller’s 35-plus years in the department has been evidence of his thorough knowledge of the sheriff’s office and his devotion to Bedford County and its residents. I ask you, is that something you can say about Wells and Robey?



Not exactly persuasive

I’m writing in response to Vincent Hovda’s May 24 letter to the editor, “Trump a reality show president.”

I found the piece especially revealing. Unfortunately for the writer, the comments revealed his own exceedingly clear but misguided concepts and his own sophomoric understanding of events, but almost nothing of any substance about his intended target. On a positive note, the letter may have been persuasive, but sadly not as intended.


Long Island

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