Fanning the flames of social warfare

It’s war! However, there are many types of war.

There is physical acts of war where one nation’s military invades another’s space (like crossing the path of a military plane or ship). There is psychological war, like, once there was a white family who had a large Confederate battle flag pointing towards his black neighbor’s home. There is war against drugs where we lock up all the poor drug users into prison instead of creating better ways of treating drug and alcohol dependency. There is war against the poor where we push the poor into run down areas and give them very little educational or economic opportunities. There is economic warfare against the lower classes (where middle-class growth is stifled while upper-class tax cuts are allowed). There is a war of indifference where there is fear against brown and black people entering our country. With this type of war, we cage their children and brake up their families when they seek escape from persecution or violence. There is war against ourselves (blue state people against red state people). For example, if you are Republican then the Democrats are to blame for anything that the president does not like (blame them for administration corruption or inability to run a government effectively). There is war against sexual abuse and the objectification of women.

But the worse of all warfare is cyber warfare. I could stand on the street corner and yell “The Russians are coming,” but they are already here in every computer that uses social media. They are encouraging all the above types of warfare. As long as we keep pushing the self-destruct button, they are winning.

What can you do? You can stop enabling our president’s bad behavior even if you support him. You can care about the concerns of all others like you do your own. You can give respect to people who are different. You can love your neighbor as yourself and love your political enemy. Yes, treat all people with dignity. You can find common interest for the common good — like stopping the Russians. United (with diversity) we all stand, but divided (with Russian influence) we all fall.



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